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About Me

I’m the self-proclaimed president and founder of HOPEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS. With this being my outlook, I’m one of those people that cannot sit still, juggling everything with precision and finesse. 

I’m fascinated by human psychology, as I write novels and movies, but also from the perspective of being a crypto trader, and the psychology that moves the market. I like to get into people’s thoughts and feelings and know what makes them tick. 

I’ve always had big dreams and goals, and over the years have achieved many of these, and truly believe you never fail until you give up!

My current focus is bringing COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM to the big screen, funded by NFTs, and helping everyone that crosses my path change their life with Crypto, through


Lisa N Edwards is a trusted name in cryptocurrency circles. Since Bitcoin was created, she’s been at the forefront of cryptocurrency, a highly accurate ELLIOTT WAVE specialist trader, with 25 plus years’ experience in Traditional Stocks & Commodities before moving exclusively into Cryptocurrency trading in 2013. While primarily focused on EW, she also uses other methods to trade including support and resistance, volume profile, Fibonacci and various chart indicators.  

Lisa’s businesses include,, and

Lisa is one of the most experienced traders in the crypto space having managed Discords and large Crypto funds, for both public and private clients. Previous business partnerships with Trading Places VIP, D4.Partners and CoinRunners.


Film & TV



I write with mixed genre, through blurred lines, I bring light to the dark, and laughter through the tears. I create worlds guilty of being different and see no need to adjust. I have learned to never apologise for being myself or the opinions I write. I am human, beautiful, and flawed. 

I study the psychological actions of what, how and why a person does something.  My scripts will make you think, will create discussion and at times make you squirm. My books will take you to another world and allow you to see life through the characters’ eyes.

I write to make you see a different perspective, to challenge your thoughts and opinions, and more importantly, open your mind.


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